According to Josephus, the Hebrew writer, Madai is the ancestor of the Medes.

These were Caucasians that took over Babylon from the Chaldeans (black people) as described in the book of Daniel.

Some people call Josephus a Jewish writer. Josephus was not Jewish, He was Hebrew. His work is called The Antiquities of the Hebrews.

That means, he was black like the Hebrews (Igbos) today.

The letter “J” did not even exist as at the time of Josephus.


Recall that Babylon was built by Nimrod who was a Chaldean, son of Cush (a black civilization).

The Chaldeans ruled Babylon until white skinned people – Children of Madai and the Persians – conquered and took over Babylon from them.

Please see our video on The Real Hebrews – Intro  to understand how the Chaldeans later migrated to mordern day Ethiopia, Eritrea and environs…. even down to Congo, Zambia, Burundi and South Africa.

At some point, the Medes had a republic with the Persians in their rulership over Babylon.

However, with the assassination of Belshazzar, the Median Darius became the king of Babylon, and eventually, he was overthrown by Cyrus the Persian.

That is how white skinned people came to occupy and live in that area that was built by black skinned Chaldeans. The Persians are the progenitors of the Iranians today.

Also, the Book of Jubilees explained that Madai was supposed to settle in Europe, that was his lot as he was a son of Japhet.

However, he did not like the place and instead, he pleaded with Arphaxad, Elam and Ashur who are his brothers – in  – Law (as he married a daughter of Shem) to give him land in the middle east and that is how he settled there.

Modern day Kurds are descended from Madai.

The book of Jasher 10:13 also called the children of Madai as the Orelum who lived in the land of Curson.