This is very important as Javan was mentioned not only in the book of Jasher, but in the book of Daniah (Daniel) as well.

Book of Jasher mentions his sons are Elisha, Tarshish, Chittim and Dudonim.

These are the Greeks and the Romans and those who live in the Island around Greece. They were originally called the Javanim who dwelt in “Makdonia” (Jasher 10:13). That is Macedonia today.

They even still retained the name “Makdonia” till this very day.


He is the second son of Javan.  Tarshish is the same as Tarsus which, in biblical times, was a Greek city but is now a city in modern day Turkey.


The book of Jasher 10:15 explains exactly who these people are:

“15 And the children of Elishah are the Almanim, and they also went and built themselves

cities; those are the cities situate between the mountains of Job and Shibathmo; and of them were the people of Lumbardi who dwell opposite the mountains of Job and Shibathmo, and they conquered the land of Italia and remained there unto this day.”


The children of the first son of Javan – Elisha – were the Almanim. Modern day Albanians.

The people of Lombardy came from them and they conquered the land of Italy (Italia) and still rule the place till this day.

Milan (a city in Lombardy) is still the capital of Italy to this day. It also talks about the mountains these places are known for to this very day. They invaded and conquered the children of Tubal in Italy and still rule them to this day.

Later on, you will see that the remaining children of Tubal who were expelled from the land of Italia actually migrated east and settled in Eastern Europe today.

Most people think the Italians and the Romans were the same, No, they weren’t. Italians (and Italian language) is different from the Romans (and Latin language).


The other child of Javan is Chittim, the book of Jasher 10:16 identifies them as the Romans…

“16 And the children of Chittim are the Romim who dwell in the valley of Canopia by the river Tibreu.”

Romim = Romans.

The river Tibreu is the Tiber River The Tiber River still exists today and it is still flowing through Rome.

Note that further in the book of Jasher, it talked about how the Children of Chittim conquered the Edomites and the caucuses’ mountain people in the land of Seir.



Ancient Greeks and Cyprus worshiped a god they called Jupiter Dudoneous / Dodona (or Jupiter of Dudoneus) ie, the Dudonims. These are the children of Javan’s son Dudonim.

It’s the same god that other Greek tribes called Zeus.

In the book of Daniah (Daniel) 8:21, he mentioned the king of Javan and that is accurately translated in most bible versions as the king of Greece (Grecia)

From this scriptural passage one can see that originally, the Greeks and the Romans were of the same root. Of course they conquered many other people and population grew beyond the original stock, but they all are the same people.

That is why, even though Rome conquered the Greece, the elite of Rome spoke Greek amongst themselves. To the public they speak Latin, but within themselves, they spoke Greek language.