Let’s look at the generations of People on the earth from Adam to the human beings who are left in the earth today.

This is going to be a long article, so, we will break it down. We are yet to make a video of this presentation, but we will. So, watch out for it on our youtube page.




We have all been taught in school that the earth is billions of years old and that the earth came to being after some inexplicable Big Bang and blah blah blah.

Please forget all those nonsense. The earth is roughly 6000 years old.  Go and read the book of Genesis chap. 1 to learn how the earth was created by the One True God.

Ok, let’s begin:

We can divide the history to: before and after the flood. Before the flood, In the beginning, the Most High God created Adam and the line of Adam were: Adam – Seth – Enosh – Kenam – Mahalaliah (Mahalalel, see Gen. 28:9) – Jared – Enoch – Methuselah – Lamech – Noah.

Note that this is one line from Adam to Noah. There were other people and families as well, for instance, Adam gave birth to 9 sons and daughters according to the book of Jasher, and Cain also had many sons and daughters. But the lineage pertinent to the Bible is that of Seth as listed above.

The story gets interesting after the flood; before then however, in the days of Jared, the fallen angels came and took human women and had children and they and their children committed much evil on the earth. By the time/days of Enoch, a judgement was passed on them and by the days of Noah, it was their children that were committing the much evil on the earth against mankind, against animals and against the earth itself.

As a result, the Most High God flooded the planet, killing all flesh (Gen. 6:13) and saving only Noah, his wife, 3 sons and their wives and other animals selected by God himself to continue on the earth.

Please note that ALL FLESH was killed by the flood, but not spirits. The sons of the fallen ones were all dead before the flood; the Most High made them fight against and kill one another. It was this incident that remained in mythology as the CLASH OF THE TITANS. However, the spirits of these dead sons of the fallen angels made it through the flood and spirits do have ability to possess created beings such as humans and animals and even inanimate objects like jewelries. They do use human hosts, but the “purer” that host is (ie, through incest and preservation of the same possessed lineage) the more the possessed person becomes more like a demon/god/ whatever. That’s how evil continued after the flood; through the spirits of the children of the fallen angels. In the book of Jubilees, we are told that the spirits that were spared is just 10% of their post flood numbers. These demons/spirits were put under the command of Satan.


Most people make the mistake of saying that the fallen angels survived the flood or that some other angels came back after the flood and gave birth to giants such as Goliath and so on….

that is not correct!

The spirits of the children of the fallen angles were destined to remain on the earth and become evil spirits on the earth (Enoch 10).

The Most High himself told Enoch that it will be the spirits of these children of the fallen ones that will afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle and work destruction on the earth. (Enoch 15:11).

He also said that from the days they are destroyed, the spirit will go forth from their souls/flesh and destroy on the earth without incurring judgement until the day of condemnation. (Enoch 16:1).

Basically all the evil and destruction, diseases, terrorism, moral decay  and war on the earth today is from the spirits of these children of the fallen ones working under Satan and possessing mankind. This is what people call reptilians and zionism and so forth…. they are all the same from the same source.


Also, note that Satan did not fall with the fallen angels. He was kicked out much earlier and he alone was responsible for deceiving early humans and instigating evil and cruelty within humans even before the angels that fell. He is responsible for deceiving Eve, Cain and causing violence and evil in those days but he alone cannot affect the entire human population. So, according to the book of Jubilees, he requested that the spirits be put under his command and 10% was. Now, these spirits are causing death and destruction and all kinds of evil on the earth under the commands of satan. Ie, satan is using them to accomplish his age-old plan of taking over the earth.

One of the most secretive and covert operations that satan has these spirits doing is human cloning; it may seem ridiculous to the average person in the 21st century but this was not far-fetched in Biblical times. Satan and these demons under him started creating humans and animals just as was done before the flood in which the Most High God flooded the planets and killed all these animals and flesh including the children of the fallen angels who were the ones that started this experiments and genetic engineering before the flood. Please see our article on the origin of today’s evil for further explanation.


In this article, we will go through the lineage of man that was left after the flood. We are not going to go through the lineage of the spirits, mostly because they are disgusting and we don’t know them. However, after the flood, Noah had 3 sons: Shem, Ham and Japhet. These are their lineages and how they have ended up in the world today.

Before we continue, make sure you have the Bible, the Book of Enoch, the book of Jasher and the book of Jubilees near you. It will be helpful to read Genesis 10 – 11, and book of Jasher 7 -10 before proceeding.

After reading these scripture verses, you will notice these:

The people of the earth name themselves by their ancestor; sometimes they name a river in their land or a major city they built by their common ancestor to identify their own everywhere

As the Book of Jasher 10:4-5 excellently puts it:

“4 And the sons of men built many cities according to their families, in all the places where

they went, and throughout the earth where the Lord had scattered them.

5 And some of them built cities in places from which they were afterward extirpated, and they called these cities after their own names, or the names of their children, or after their

particular occurrences.”

It seems Japhet was the first born (Jasher 7), then Ham and Shem. Even though the bible mentioned Shem first, his linage was given last indicating and supporting the fact that he was the last born.


Please continue in Part 2 of this article…