Who are the real Israelites (or Hebrews)?

This is a question that has bogged the mind of people who have truly studied the bible and believed it. Because if you study the bible, you will come to some very obvious conclusions;

  1. The Jewish people today who claim to be the Hebrews over in the state of Israel are not the real people of the bible.
  2. The word “Jew” did not exist among biblical characters. The word means nothing in terms of being a Hebrew, because Hebrews were identified by their tribe; people from the tribe of Ephraim are so identified, people from the tribe of Judah are called that and so on.
  3. If you believe the bible, you will know that the true Hebrews must exist somewhere. The Most High promised to keep them and Christ promised to assemble them on his return.

Now, if the Jews are not the real people of the bible, who are?

Ok, to answer that, let’s have some understanding:

  • Since the Jews have claimed that identity for centuries and have used it to so much advantage, it is plausible that other people will want to claim it. So, anyone who comes out and claims Hebrew ancestry must present poof and must be judged by the validity of the proof they present.
  • Any proof of Hebrew ancestry must have vestiges of biblical traditions outside the influence of modern Christianity and verifiable by historical, biblical and circular sources.

Ok, with that in mind, let’s get started.

Today in Africa, on the flanks of West Africa, in the south-eastern parts of Nigeria, at the banks of the Niger River, there live our tribe – the Igbos (also called Ibo, Eboe, Heeboes etc. mostly pronounced “eeboes”). And long before the Europeans (and Christianity) came to Africa, we have had these traditions and practices:

  1. We circumcise our male babies (and occasionally females)
  2. We circumcise exactly after 8 days from birth
  3. We isolate women during their times of menstruation (in fact, a separate hut is built where women from different clans in their periods usually live together)
  4. We practiced monotheism originally, only worshiped one God (the name of this God is very interesting as you will see)
  5. We believed that this God lived across the sky (beyond the sun)
  6. We offered sacrifices and oblations to this God through a priestly clan who have to maintain specified levels of hygiene
  7. This same priestly clan also counts our days, years and keep our calendar
  8. We isolate and excommunicate against our people who worship other gods (the gods of the people around us) and dedicate themselves to them
  9. Most villages and clans in our homeland can trace their ancestral founding father to a man called “Eri” (you will see proof of that)
  10. Our tribe is made up of small independent villages scattered across our homeland and each have this same traditions.
  11. Our people were the overwhelming majority of people sold to slavery to the Americas and all over the world that one can still find vestiges of our language and culture among the black people in the Americas.

The list goes on and on. Too much to cover in this welcome page. Please go to this page to read details and proof of our similarities with the biblical Hebrews.

We also present to you proof that the true Israelites (Hebrews) could not have been white people but black people here.

After going through our proof and convincing yourself that you have found the chosen people of God, we invite you to join us.

Who we are:

We are a small group of Igbos who have been awakened to our true identity and in this site, we try to return to the worship of the true God of the Hebrews; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Our message is to remind the Igbo people (those who live in Nigeria, or scattered across the world and those who have been sold into slavery to the Americas and the rest of the world) that we are the people of the bible and to guide our steps back to our God.

Who we are not:

We are a congregation, however, we do not solicit, collect nor encourage tithes and offerings. Our offering to God is only in the form of keeping his laws.

We are not Jews and we have nothing to do with Judaism as a religion. This is unlike what most Igbos who claim we are Jews do, we think they don’t know any better and we know they are wrong. We are not Jews, and we do not and will not practice Judaism.



This website is meant for the Ibos and those who are interested in knowing the truth and in worshiping the God of the bible. If you are neither of these, while you are welcome to our site, we have to warn you that our message is not for you and might constitute a gross waste of your time.

All posts in this site is aimed at promoting worship of the one true God. No material in this site should be used to instigate hatred, violence, discrimination and racism. We are not responsible for what ignorant people do with materials from our site.