If we are truly the Hebrews, why did out Igbo ancestors not keep the Sabbath in Africa?

We uploaded a video lesson on our Youtube page here explaining why our Igbo ancestors did not keep the Sabbath in Africa.

We started by explaining the origins of the Sabbath.

The 7-day Sabbath, and every other Hebrew feast was instituted by man to the liking of the Most High.

And since the Most High liked them, they remained ordained in the heavenly tablets.


The Sabbath was instituted by Moses to give the Hebrew slaves in Egypt one day of rest.

In the video, we explained that the children of Gad who were the first to come to Africa from the Middle East came before Moses was born.

As a result they did not know about the 7 day Sabbath.

And subsequent Hebrews that came to join them had already forgotten the Sabbaths and other ordinances.

As a result, they had to learn from the children of Gad who were already on ground.

This is explained in the attached slide.



How the Hebrew Feasts are to be Observed

I uploaded 2 videos on how the Hebrew feasts are to be kept.
However, i simplified it in this few slides posted only on our website.

From my observation of the feasts in the Bible, I concluded there are two types:
One, to be celebrated in all our dwellings… wherever we find ourselves
the other to be celebrated in our land of promise.

Although most Hebrew feasts involve burn offerings, the first one does not usually involve specific offerings and procedures
while the second one is more involving in its applications.

Unfortunalty, not of us are in our land of promise, but the 2nd type of feast can still be celebrated if we have the ability to provide the logistics and convenience it entails.

If it happens one does not have what it takes to celebrate any of these feasts, just observing the day as a Sabbath suffices in the sight of the Most High Aiyah Ashar Aiyah.

The feasts are explained in these slides below and the two videos are also attached from our Youtube page

Aiyah Bless you all.
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