Hebrew Caldendar Explained

We put up a video explaining how the Hebrew calendar we developed should be read.

The calendar is made in the form of a spreadsheet with formulae so one can easily enter a new date and the quivalend date in the Hebrew calendar can be determined.

There are many Hebrew calendars out there on the internet, some are very similar to this.

One particular group said their calendar was determined by looking at Jerusalem time and using the US Navy aeronautic (whatever) to determine the day with equal night and day and then creating a calendar based on scripture from it.

While that sounds very interesting and geeky, the only problem is..

Did Abraham also use the US Navy aeronautic (whatever) to know the calendar in his days?

Was that the same thing Enoch used to establish his calendar in his time?

Does that mean that people without access to US Navy aeronautic (whatever) cannot know the calendar of the Most High of heaven?

The good news is that the TRUE HEBREW calendar has been passed down from generations to generations through our Igbo ancestors, and all we did was to use the scriptures to fix it to modern times.


For example, we know that in Igboland, we have a 12 month calendar… and the calendar is reckoned by the moon in the counting of the days and seasons of the year.

We know from the book of Jubilees (chap. 6) that counting the calendar through the moon is erroneous as the moon come in 10 days too soon and is out of line with the sun in some years.

However, the book of Enoch 73:4 clearly states that the first phase of the moon comes out on the 30th morning.

using this relationship with the moon, we were able to establish the first day of the year, irrespective of whatever US Navy aeronautic society (or whatever) says or does.

So, we inquired of our elders here in our villages…when is the first moon of the Igbo year… and they told / showed us when the moon came out that “that was the first moon of the Igbo year.”

using the book of Enoch as guide, we counted 30 days prior to the moon coming out to establish the first day of the year, because, Enoch clearly stated that the moon comes in 30 days later for the first time.

and from that, a calendar was established.

Interestingly, the first day on that calendar falls in on a sunday (which, as we all know, is the first day of the week) and that day should be the first day of any Hebrew calendar done properly because the book of Enoch chap. 72 tells us that the year is exactly as it months, as its weeks and it’s 374 days in a year.

Also, the first day in this calendar falls in the first week of spring… and we know that the first month is in spring season (Joaiah “Joel” 2:21 – 24).

This is very interesting because of the fact that the calendar was derived from Igbo elders who does not know anything about spring as there is no such thing as spring season in Nigeria.


This calendar is one definite proof that we the Igbo people are the true Hebrews of the bible… and we in this organization, have a mission to proof it beyond doubt and wake up the tribe of the Hebrews.


We put the calendar in the form of a spreadsheet for ease of reproducibility. Pls send us a mail if you need a copy of the calendar.


Aiyah bless you.