Why Biblical Hebrews could not have been White People

Let us explain to you why the original Hebrews of the Bible could not have been those we call White people today.

Please this is not meant to discriminate against any race. However, we implore everyone to consider the evidence presented here and make up their minds as to its validity.

These are the prove we have, both from biblical and historical sources…

  1.  Children of Japhet:

We begin in Genesis 10, with the Biblical story of the origins of races – Noah and his family – after the flood:
Noah had 3 sons – Shem, Ham and Japhet. And Noah divided the land among them (Japhet to the north, Shem in the middle and Ham to the south).

The children of Japhet are predominantly White, the Children of Ham are Predominantly Black and the children of Shem are both black and white.
The book of Jubilees chap. 10 also explains this in great details.
The book of Jasher chp. 10 even goes into further details and gave the names of the people who are children of Japhet, children of Ham and children of Shem, their cities and rivers around their dwellings as means to identify each one of them.

If you read all these three chapters, some things stand out;
1.   The children of Japhet are most defined and explained in details.
2.   Children of Japhet are exclusively white people (Europeans) today

3.   The Children of Shem can be black or white. But mostly Black.
4.   No black race can trace their ancestry to Japhet and no white race (Caucasians) can trace their ancestry outside of Japhet (and this includes the Jewish people).

This does not mean that there were no white (or non-black) people among the children of the other sons of Noah, in fact, they were. However, these people are not who we call Caucasians or Europeans today. In some cases, they are called Edomites (red people) in the bible.  In our post; Tracing the families of the world, we break down each of these sons of Noah and trace who they are in the world today.

Jewish people are descendants of Ashkanaz who is Japhet’s grandson from his first son Gomer (Gen. 10). The bible says the sons of Noah bear names according to their families and the jewish people still are called by their father’s name Ashkanaz today.
Modern jewish scholars claim that Ashkenaz is the Hebrew name for Germany and refers to Jewish people who live in Germany or the Rhinelands as opposed to Sephadic jews who they claim are from Spain. That’s not correct – for these simple reasons;

  • First, when Gomer named his son Ashkenaz, there was no Germany.
  • Second, why would Hebrews in the bible – who were proud of their heritage as children of Shem – why would they allow their name to be associated with someone like Ashkanaz who is not their ancestor?
  • Also, most jews are Ashkanazi jews and they are all from around the Caucasus area not only the Rhineland. There are Ashkanazi jews who are from areas far from the Rhineland like Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Poland etc. including the so-called Sephardic jews.

From this, one can see that “white” people today are children of Japhet which makes sense because they inherited the colder lands. Simple biology will tell you that cold climate makes the human skin white while tropical climate makes human skin black due to melanin activity and UV exposure.

2. Biblical Israelites where associated with Black people:

Today, almost all bible scholars who are willing to concede that black people came from Noah (and not from apes) usually say black people are children of Noah’s second son Ham.

That is partly correct but there are some black people who came from Shem;
[Please read our article on Tracing the families of the world for more details]

We begin with Nimrod; he was the first world ruler and he was the son of Cush (Gen. 10:8). Children of Cush are black, Even in the state of Israel and all over the middle east today, black people are called Cushite to this very day. Cush is the progenitor of modern day Ethiopians. From Biblical times to modern era, Ethiopians have been black people.  They are still black to this very day; anyone can travel to Ethiopia and see them.

Amos 9:7, the bible tells us that the Hebrews are just like the Ethiopeans.

Before Nimrod was made king, he and other sons of Ham fought against the children of Japhet (white people) and subdued them, and Nimrod took some of their chidren with him as security. (Book of Jasher, chap 7 verse 38)

It is this act of Nimrod bringing some of the children of Japhet down south and some inter-marriages that introduced white people to the middle east and the Levant. The original inhabitants of the Middle East were black people and the native black population can still be identified to this day.

When Nimrod was ruler, there was a high level of interaction between the children of Shem and the children of Ham; in fact, one can conclude that Nimrod and his brethren did battle against the sons of Japhet with some children of Shem.

For instance (Book of Jasher, 7 verse 41), Nimrod made Terah, the son of Nahor, the father of Abraham – who was a son of Shem (Shem – Aphaxad – Selah – Eber – Peleg – Rue – Serug – Nahor – Terah – Abraham) the prince of his host and elevated him above all other princes in his cabinet; kind of like the prime minister in those days.

So we see the children of Ham and Shem (black people) interacting more in those days. Abraham was from Ur, a city of the Chaldeans. The Chaldeans are black people; ancestors of people we call Chad today. They still exist and they are as black as it gets.

Again, feel free to travel to Chad and see them for yourself.

Ancient Hebrews were compared to black Egyptians;

At about 500 BC, Herodotus wrote that ancient Egyptians were black skinned with curly hair. These were the Egyptians in the days of the  pharaohs. Vestiges of these ancient Egyptians still exist today (whatever is left of them after the Arabs have slaughtered them in series of ethnic cleansing). This black population are children of Mizraim, the second son of Ham – who was black as well.

Joseph, son of Jacob, was ruler of Egypt and his own brothers could not recognize him from across the table for they thought he was an Egyptian. He must have been same color as the Egyptians (black) for his own brothers not to recognize him.

In the book of Jasher, he was sitting with Benjamin on the same seat and he (Benjamin) still could not recognize him.

In the Book of Exodus, Moses was raised in the Pharoah’s house and was thought to be an Egyptian; how could this be if he was of different skin color to ancient Egyptians.

Exodus 4 Moses’ hand was turned Leprous white when he put it in his bosom on God’s instructions. If he was white prior to putting his hands in his bosom, he would not have been able to tell any difference. The same thing happened to Miriam (Moses’ sister in Numbers 12:10).

white leper    black leper







In these two pictures, the white man to the left has leprousy while the black man to the left has a similar disease. Which one is more prominent?

If Moses was white like the guy to the left, no one will even notice that the Most High just showed him any sign. The disease is more prominent and visible with a black skinned person.

Songs of Solomon 1:5, Solomon describes his physical appearance; He says “I am black and handsome, O daughters of Jerusalem”. It doesn’t get clearer than that. I mean, the man said it himself that he is black, what else do anyone want.

In addition, legend has it that Solomon fathered a child with the queen of Sheba (Ethiopia) and his offspring ruled that land till the 20th century. All these descendants of Solomon were black. None of them is white, not one.

Matthew 2, Christ went to hide in Egypt running from Herod (who, by the way, was a red-skinned person, an Edomean, the son of Antipas). How could a white baby HIDE in a black community? If a white baby and his parents are living in a black community they will literally be the talk of the town, attracting curious and inquisitive guests. Christ had to be black skinned to hide among black people, it doesn’t work any other way.

John 8:42. Christ was having a spirited conversation with the Pharisees and he told them…

“… ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye would do….”

When I hear this passage being read in most churches, they make it sound as if Christ was just being BITCHY with the Pharisees.
Christ was actually making a statement of fact; the Pharisees were not Hebrews! Please read out article on The Merging of Hebrewism with Judaism to understand who exactly the Pharisees are.

Act. 21. Paul was thought to be an Egyptian just for speaking Greek. Please know that by that time, the Greeks had invaded and occupied Egypt and the only black people expected to speak Greek were Egyptians.

Romans 11:1 and verse 14: Here Paul says in verse 1 that he is a Hebrew of the tribe of Benjamin. And in verse 14, he says he wishes to provoke to emulation them which are his “flesh”. Flesh is same as “skin”, and in this text, Paul is talking about skin color.
Remember that Paul was preaching to the Gentiles who are mostly white people (Romans 11:13) and so him saying people of his own flesh means people with skin/flesh color as distinguished from those he was preaching to.

Acts. 13:1 a Hebrew named Simeon, who was a missionary to Antioch, was called “the Niger”. Niger means black. It is a derivative of the word Negro.

Please note that this Simeon was Hebrew; “Hebrew” is not a social club that anyone can come and join.

Niger is also the name they gave to the river that our communities surround and they called our homeland Nigeria (Niger-area) which to me is to denote the area they found us, the Negroes, the Children of Jacob.

Being Hebrew is defined by bloodline, Hebrews marry amongst themselves (Deuteronomy 7:3, Nehemiah 10:30, etc), so the fact that this Simeon was black means that his ancestors were black.


Revelations 2:9 (also 3:9): The Apostle John warned about people who will parade themselves as Hebrews (jews) saying;

“….. I know the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews (Hebrews) but they are not.”

He even went further to describe who they are.

“… they are the synagogue of satan”.


3. Secular Sources
From the works of Flavius Josephus (who wrote the Antiquities of the Hebrews) after the Romans invaded and burnt Jerusalem to the ground, the Hebrews who survived ran and took shelter at the Atlas Mountains (see Josephus, Completed Works):

The Atlas Mountains are the mountain ranges in the north western part of Africa. In Morrocco, Tunisia and Algeria.



The important thing here is: Josephus documents that Hebrews ran into Africa when they were invaded by the Romans.
This is in line with Christ’s warning to Hebrews to “flee into the mountain” upon the invasion of Jerusalem (Matt. 24, Mark, 13)

This is unlike what the Jewish people say (Trying to explain why they ended up in Europe); that they ran into Europe after being invaded by Romans. But that makes absolutely no sense.

How can anyone fleeing from attack, run in the direction of the attacker? The Romans who attacked Jerusalem came from the North (Europe) and from the sea, how can fleeing Hebrews run in their direction? It doesn’t make any sense. It was also, never documented that the Romans took any Hebrew slaves

This account by Josephus places the Hebrews in Africa, not Europe. At that time, the population of North Africa was exclusively black (mostly Hamitic black people).

Subsequently with the advent of “Mohammedism”, a radical sect in Islam, the Hebrews in North Africa were forced to cross the great wilderness (the Sahara desert) into the plains of West Africa and settled in what we now call Eastern Nigeria (Ibo land).

(it is our opinion that Mohammedism was a situation in which white Arabs – who are originally children of Japhet from the caucuses areas – Khazastan, Georgia etc – sacked the original Arabs – black Arabs – and other nationalities that were the original inhabitants in the middle east. This ethnic cleansing is still on-going as evidenced by the actions of the so-called “jihadists” in that area).

One can postulate that some (if not most) Hebrews came through the River Niger. A river that originates from the Fouta Djallon Mountains in Guinea Bissau. A country that is very close to the Atlas mountains and a path one will take if one wants to avoid the Sahara desert. This is largely based on the fact that vestiges of Hebrew religious practices can be found in communities around the Niger River all the way from Guinea Bissau to the Niger Delta in Nigeria.

We believe this to be the most plausible migratory route; however, we believe the Hebrews finally settled en-masse and in peace in Ibo land where they retained their practices and customs for a while until Gog and Magog and other children of Japhet (Europeans) found them out (Ezekiel 38) and is in the process of completely destroying whatever is left of our Hebrew heritage


4. Early paintings:
All the early paintings of Christ and his people were of black people.

Black Christ

Paintings such as that of the Babylonians taking the Hebrews (people with negroid features) captive.

Hebrews_captivity                                             Negro slaves
Even paintings of Hebrews toiling away in Egypt depict black people working the fields, building Pitham and Ramses.



5. “You Left Black and came back White”.
In 1952, the then Egyptian president – Gamal Abdel Nasser – when asked if the jews will ever be accepted in the middle east, replied…

” the Jews will never be able to live here in peace because they left here black but came back white”.

This is a very truthful and powerful statement;

  •  First; he is accepting that the Hebrews left the middle east at some point. This nullifies the jewish lies about Torah jews being those who stayed behind and lived happily with Palestinians until the Zionists came along. All Hebrews left. Those who didn’t were killed or forced to convert as different religious groups conquered the area.
    From our research, there is no difference between Sephardic jews, Torah Jews, Ashkenazi Jews and Zionists; there are all the same. There are, of course, difference in opinions and willingness to usurp our identity, but they are all the same people with the same origins.
  • Second; he confirmed that the Hebrews who lived in the Holy land were BLACK people, not white.


They left black


 For anyone who has studied the bible with open mind, it won’t be hard to come to the conclusion that the Jews are not the people of the bible. Most of these people end up giving up on God since he promised to keep the children of Jacob and it may seem he did not. It is important to realize that the Most High God always keeps his word and he has kept his promises to Abraham.

At the end it doesn’t matter the skin color of the Hebrews because we are all creatures of God and salvation is open and available to all mankind who come to worship the Most High in spirit and in truth. However, the truth needs to be told. John 4: 23 – 24.

“…but the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”

While it may seem unbelievable to some people that Hebrews are black people, we should consider the enormity of prove as provided above. There actually is not a single shred of evidence about the Hebrews being white people in the bible or any sources out there except in Hollywood movies.

With centuries of black people feeling worthless and showing such disregard for their ancestors and traditions, we know it is important to get this truth out to people because one CANNOT worship God in lies and deceit.

We have given you prove – both Biblical and secular – that ancient Hebrews are black people. We know it is daunting for anyone to visualize them as black because of the influence of Hollywood movies about Hebrews being white people and the jewish people changing our bible and inserting the word “Jew” in the bible and making it seem like they have been the children of Jacob all along. However, we implore our readers to look at truth and to clear their minds of anything they know is dubious.

The truth is hard to find. However, for us to be on the good side of the Most High, we have to seek for the truth. We sincerely implore you brothers and sisters to search earnestly for the truth and to call on the Holy Spirit of God to aid in this search. We know that once people are exposed to this truth, they will identify it and abide by it.
We recognize that some people will not agree with our story. That is fine; Our job is not to convince anyone, – that is the Holy Spirit’s Job – our job is to inform people and pray that the Spirit of the Most High will take it from there.

“Udo” (peace).